The MENA-OECD Investment Programme’s ability to achieve concrete outputs is closely related to its unique involvement of the private sector in prioritising economic policy reform in areas such as access to finance, responsible business conduct, policy advocacy, and women's entrepreneurship.



The MENA Responsible Business Conduct Forum

With a view to actively engage both private and public sectors in the regional dialogue on responsible business conduct, the MENA Responsible Business Conduct Forum, and initiative of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, places special emphasis on the assessment and exchange of responsible business practices in the MENA region, focusing on business integrity and anti-corruption, labour standards and skills development, and health and environment.


The MENA-OECD Business Council

The MENA-OECD Business Council encourages an active and joint voice of MENA and OECD business communities in ongoing business climate reform projects through close collaboration with high-level business representatives on key topics such as access to finance, responsible business conduct, infrastructure and renewable energy, women's entrepreneurship, and country competitiveness.


The OECD-MENA Women's Business Forum

Through close co-operation with key national, regional and international players, the MENA-OECD Women's Business Network seeks to enable dialogue and interaction, take stock of existing women's business networks and initiatives in the region, expand research on women's entrepreneurship, and launch projects that both build upon and enhance MENA and OECD expertise on gender-related obstacles to entrepreneurship.

The MENA 100 Business plan competition
The MENA 100 Business Plan Competition was launched in 2009 to support and inspire innovative entrepreneurship in the MENA region. It rewards innovative business ideas by connecting the entrepreneurs behind them with sources of finance and business networks across MENA and OECD economies. It also encourages entrepreneurial spirit by putting regional talent into the spotlight and by giving visibility to outstanding business initiatives.