Directory of initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa


This directory lists initiatives where women entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region can access business development services, financing, training, networks and other support. This information has been collected by the OECD-MENA Women's Business Forum in an effort to disseminate information on the variety of initiatives working to support women's enterprise development in the MENA region. It is intended as a resource for women entrepreneurs and for stakeholders working on women's enterprise development.

To help complete the directory and ensure it is accurate and up- to-date, interested parties are invited to provide additional information via this form.


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Business and Entrepreneurship Support

National SME Development Agency (Agence Nationale de Développement de la PME - ANDPME)

National Agency for Supporting Youth Employment (ANSEJ)

Algerian Association of Women Managers - SEVE (Savoir et Vouloir Entreprendre)

Ministére de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise et de l'Artisanat (MPMEA) - Contact: +213 21 23 05 63 (website not available)

The National SME Development Agency (ANDPME) - Contact: +213 21 77 40 36 (website not available)

Businesswomen's Associations

Algerian Association of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs (Association des Algériennes Managers et Entrepreneurs - AME)

Association des Femmes Cadres Algériennes pour la Revalorisation et l'Elargissement de l'Encadrement Féminin (AFCARE) - Contact: +213 21 293 802 (website not available)


Businesswomen's Associations

Bahrain Businesswomen Society

Businesswomen Committee of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce (BCCI)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

National Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA)  

Businesswomen's Associations

National Union of Djiboutian Women (UNFD) - Contact: +253 352 085 (website not available)

Federation of National Associations of Women in Business in Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (FEMCOM) - Contact: +253 811 044 (website not available)

Caritas - Contact: +253 312 102 (website not available)


Businesswomen's Associations

Alexandria Business Women Association

Business Women of Egypt 21

National Council for Women

Women Business Development Centre, National Council for Women

Women in Business Committee - American Chamber of Commerce

Egyptian Business Women Association (EBWA - Business and Professional Women Egypt)

Business Women Association for Development - Contact: +20 2 33 44 36 07 (website not availble)

Development of Business Women Export Ability Association - Contact: +20 3 484 9661 (website not available)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

Hilla Business Development Center (HBDC) 

Small Business Development Centers in Iraq (SBDCI)

Iraqi Association of Security Dealers (IASD) - Contact: +964 7904 302 804 (website not available)

The Anbar Business Center (ABC) - Contact: 07901 320 459 (website not available)

Diyala Economic Development Center (DEDC) - Contact: 0790 149 8182 (website not available)

Businesswomen's Associations

Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)

Businesswomen's Committee, Federation Of Iraqi Chambers Of Commerce

Iraqi Business Women’s Association (IBWA)

Iraqi Women’s Network (IWN)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

Business Development Center (BDC)

Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO)

National Fund for Enterprise Support (NAFES)


Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship


Ahli Microfinancing Company

Development and Employment Fund

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGC)

Microfund for Women 

Middle East Microcredit Company (MEMCC)

National Microfinance Bank (Alwatani)


Jordan Investment Board (JIB)

FINACA - Contact: +962 2 566 4627 (website not available)

Businesswomen's Associations

Business and  Professional  Women  -  Amman  (BPW-A)

General Federation of Jordanian Women

Jordan Forum for Business & Professional Women

International Women’s Forum - Jordan Chapter


Business and Entrepreneurship Support



National Bank of Kuwait

The Kuwait Economic Society (KES)

Businesswomen's Associations

Business and Professional Women - Kuwait

Ghalia Club

The Federation of Kuwaiti Women (FKW) - Contact: +965 251 5485 (website not available)

Kuwait Businesswomen Committee (KBWA) - Contact: +965 573 1605 (website not available)


Businesswomen's Associations

Lebanese Business Women Association (LBWA) 

Lebanese Council for Women (LCW)

Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB) 

National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW)

National Committee for the Follow up of Women’s Issues (NCFUWI)

Women’s Work Association

The Lebanese Business Women Association (LBWA) - Contact: +961 6 611 858 (website not available)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

Al wafa Association for Human Services - Contact: +218 21 361 6801 (website not available)

Association des Banques Libyennes - Contact: +218 21 334 3745 (website not available)

British Council in Tripoli - Contact: +218 21 484 3164 (website not available)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

National SME Promotion Agency (Agence Nationale pour la Promotion de la Petite et Moyenne Entreprise - ANPME)

Social Development Agency (Agence de Développement Social - ADS)

Businesswomen's Associations

Women's Enterprise Promotion Association (Association pour la Promotion de l’Entreprise Féminine - ESPOD) 

Moroccan Businesswomen's Association (Association des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprise du Maroc - AFEM)

Democratic Association of Women in Morocco (Assocication Democratic des Femmes du Marco - ADFM) 

Association Marocaine des Femmes Entrepreneurs pour le Développement Economique et Social Nord-Sud - Contact: +212 39 32 52 66 (website not available)

Association de la Femme Entrepreneur et Operateur d'Appui de Tangir - Contact: +212 039 938 953 (website not available)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

National Training Institute

Businesswomen's Associations

Omani Women's Association

Omani Women Association at Al-Mudhibi

Palestinian Authority

Businesswomen's Associations

Palestinian Business Women Forum

Palestinian Businesswomen's Association (ASALA)

Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development

General Union of Palestinian Women

Business and Professional Women (BPW) - Contact: +970 2 295 2052 (website not available)


Qatari Businesswomen Forum (QBWF)

Roudha Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Saudi Arabia

Businesswomen's Committees - Chambers of Commerce

Businesswomen's Center, Asharqia Chamber of Commerce

Khadijah Bint Khowailid Businesswomen Center, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Women's Committee, Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Women National Committee at Council of Saudi Chambers Comprises

Ladies Community, Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry - Contact: +966 3 859 2013 (website not available)


Business and Entrepreneurship Support

Arab Institute of Business Owners (Institut Arabe des Chefs d'Entreprises)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Contact: +261 71 247 322 (website not available)

Union Tunisienne de l'Industrie, du Commerce et de l'Artisanat - Contact: +216 71 780 366 (website not available)

Businesswomen's Associations
Tunisian Women Business Owners Association (Chambre Nationale des Femmes Chefs d'Entreprises)
Union Nationale de la Femme Tunisienne
Research Centres
Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR)
Centre for Studies, Research, Documentation and Information on Women (CREDIF)

United Arab Emirates

Business and Entrepreneurship Support

Dubai SME

Businesswomen's Associations

Abu Dhabi Businesswomen Council

Dubai Businesswomen Council

Dubai Women Establishment

International Business Women’s Group

Emirates Business Women's Council - Contact: +971 2 621 4144 (Abu Dhabi) / +971 4 295 2002 (Dubai) (website not available)
Sharjah Business Women Council - Contact: +971 6 568 8822 (website not available)


Businesswomen's Committees - Chambers of Commerce

Businesswomen's Committee, Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Women’s National Committee (WNC)

Center for Empirical Research and Women Studies (CERWS), Sana'a University - Contact: +967 1 21 9339 (website not available)

Women's Associations

Yemeni Women Union

Chamber of Commerce, Women's Department - Contact: +967 1 225 665 (website not availble)

Women's Economic Empowerment Association (WEEA) - Contact: +967 1 208 939 (website not available)


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