MENA Investment Ministerial Meeting 2006


Investment for development: making reforms work 


Dead Sea, Jordan, 13-14 February 2006

With economic development and job creation in many countries of the Middle East and North Africa likely to hinge on increased domestic, regional and foreign investment, ministers from MENA countries in charge of investment policy reform met with their OECD counterparts in Jordan on 13-14 February to discuss ways to create a more attractive environment for private enterprise.

The two-day MENA Investment Ministerial Meeting reviewed recent policy reforms in the region and set new targets for further action. Ministers were invited to adopt a Declaration on common principles and good practice for attracting investment to MENA countries.

One highlight was a Business Forum in which the private sector were given an opportunity to express their views on key elements for a successful region-wide reform strategy. This was also an occasion for the announcement of a number of “investor of the year” awards honouring successful investment projects in MENA countries.

The meeting followed more than a year of discussion and analysis of specific issues in MENA countries, as part of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme. The Programme is part of a two-pronged initiative on “Governance and Investment for Development”, led by the governments of the MENA region and also including the "Good Governance for Development” initiative.

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