MENA-OECD Investment Programme Steering Group Meeting


28–29 March 2007, Paris, France

The key purpose of this meeting of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme’s Steering Group was to take decisions on the assessment of the current phase of the Programme and develop recommendations for the next Programme phase following the November 2007 Ministerial meeting.

To this end, the Steering Group received presentations on the National Investment Reform Agenda Workshops which took place in Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Oman and the UAE. The presentations were followed by presentations of regional initiatives of the Programme including the activities of the Programme’s centers.

The Steering Group also assessed the achievements of the Programme in its first phase (2005-2007) and discussed new instruments which could be used during the second phase of the Programme (2008-2010) such as the comprehensive OECD Policy Framework for Investment and the Investment Reform Index. More and more countries voiced interest in using these instruments to elaborate a more focused investment attraction strategy. Decisions were likewise taken on the organisation of MENA II.

Agenda (EnglishFrançais)



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