MENA-OECD contributes to Iraq training workshop of the US Department of Commerce


Paris, 18-21 November 2009


The MENA-OECD Investment Programme contributed to the workshop on Enforcement of Arbitral Awards in Iraq and the New York Convention, organised by the Commercial Law Development Programme (CLDP) of the U.S. Department of Commerce in Paris, 18-21 November 2009.

On 18 November 2009 at the OECD headquarters, the Programme hosted a 19-person Iraqi delegation for a special session of the workshop.


The workshop focused on enforcement of arbitral awards in Iraq, and aimed at discussing and analysing arbitration enforcement and possible ratification by Iraq of the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards.


The workshop was co-organised with the MENA-OECD Investment Programme in the framework of its Iraq investment policy support project.



As part of the CLDP's workshop on arbitration enforcement, the MENA-OECD Investment programme analysed regulatory challenges for investment policy and the current state of arbitration enforcement in the Arab world, with emphasis on current practices and landmark cases.


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