ISMED Support Programme Risk Mitigation Instruments




The purpose of the Investment Security in the Mediterranean (ISMED) Risk Mitigation Instruments Database is to promote foreign direct investment in the MENA region by raising awareness of the many products and instruments available to investors to mitigate risk. The Database brings together in one convenient, user-friendly location information on guarantee and investment security products. The Database includes products offered by multilateral institutions, national agencies and private sector insurers


The information displayed herein derives from publicly available data and/or data based on institutions’ websites and voluntary contributions. This portal does not present an exhaustive view of the risk mitigation instruments available for long-term investment in developing countries, but gives a broad panorama of the products that are likely to be used in infrastructure projects in the MENA region.

Naturally, implementation depends on country policy underwriting criteria and is subject to case-by-case approval.







‌Investment security in the Mediterranean (ISMED) Support Programme

2012 MENA-OECD Initiative Steering Group Meeting

International Financial Institutions
Export Credit Agencies
Private Sector Insurers


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