Investment Zones in Iraq


Launched in 2010, the Working Group on Investment Zones in Iraq helps the Iraqi government to develop investment zones, which can mitigate many of the risks foreign investors face when operating in Iraq and allow the Government of Iraq to set up a clear business, legal, and regulatory framework on a pilot basis. In turn, this will allow the Iraqi government to attract foreign investment and develop high-growth industries. Eventually, the Government of Iraq can expand the investment zone pilot structure outside its investment zones and truly begin to transform its economy and contribute to its sustainable development.

The Working Group:

  • advises the Government of Iraq about the investment zone development plan, including the legal framework for investment zones; the role of existing zones; sector prioritisation; Investment Zones policy frameworks and incentives; Investment Zones management structures; and tax and customs duty issues that may affect investment zones.
  • seeks to incorporate simpler forms of public-private partnerships, such as build-operate-transfer models, in investment zone financing.
  • supports the creation of a dedicated investment zones unit within the National Investment Commission to take the lead on investment zone development and regulation, in particular the challenge of providing streamlined administrative services and a higher degree of investor protection.

The Working Group mobilises three Iraqi ministries through the National Investment Commission, as well as several international experts.

Developing, administering and managing investment zones require a multiple set of skills and expertise in the field of promotion and marketing, business development, procurement, project management and project monitoring. MENA-OECD provides these capacity building training sessions to drive the development of Iraq’s investment zones forward.



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5th meeting, April 2013

4th meeting, November 2012

3rd meeting, June 2012

2nd meeting, November 2011

1st meeting, March 2011


Supporting Investment Policy and Governance Reforms in Iraq, OECD 2010

Policy Framework for Investment Toolkit

MENA-OECD Investment Programme

Principles for Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure

Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and Accra Agenda for Action


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Special Training Session on Feasibility Studies for Investment Zones - 29 – 30 April 2013, Cairo, Egypt

The MENA-OECD Investment Programme’s “Special Training Session on Feasibility Studies for Investment Zones” trained participants from Iraq’s National Investment Commission and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Infrastructure, as well as other ministries and agencies, on conducting and assessing feasibility studies using a TELOS framework.

Using this framework, Iraqi government officials will be better able to assess the value of potential projects and evaluate the likelihood of project success. In turn, Iraqi government officials should be better able to develop the projects discussed throughout MENA-OECD’s Investment Zone and Infrastructure Finance Working Group meetings.

The training is part of MENA-OECD’s capacity building programme for Iraqi government officials, and it built on the “Special Training Session at the NIC Department of Investment Zones for Government of Iraq Officials” held in Baghdad in January 2013.


Previous workshops

Special training session for Government of Iraq officials, 15-16 January 2013

Enabling and Sustaining Private Foreign Investment in Iraq, 25-26 November 2010

Training workshop on Iraqi international investment framework, 6-8 July 2010

Training workshop for the Iraq National Investment Commission, 10-12 March 2010


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