Eighth Meeting of the Task Force on Energy and Infrastructure: Spurring growth of renewable energies in MENA through private-sector investment


9 March 2012, Paris, France



The MENA-OECD Task Force on Energy and Infrastructure
was launched in 2010. Its work focuses on formulating policy recommendations to help spur investment in renewable energy in the MENA region, letting policy makers benefit from the private sector's view and experience. The Task Force produces opinion and working papers, and dialogues directly with policy makers through the working groups of the MENA-OECD Investment Programme, such as Working Group 1 on Investment Policy and Promotion. In December 2010 the Energy Task Force published its first paper: Spurring Investment in Renewable Energy in the Middle East and North Africa. Its second paper on Optimising Investment Incentives for Renewable Energy Projects will be published in May 2012.

The Energy Task Force works to promote green growth, as mandated at the MENA-OECD Ministerial Conference and Business Forum in Marrakech in November 2009. As such it forms an integral part of the OECD's Green Growth Strategy, specifically applied to the Middle East and North Africa.

After a successful 2011 which saw the Energy Task Force presenting the preliminary recommendations of its work on investment incentives to the Fifth Energy Forum in Barcelona, the eighth meeting of the Energy Task Force took place on March 9th 2012. Key objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Incorporate final comments from Task Force members on the working paper, Optimising Investment Incentives for Renewable Energy Projects.

  • Discuss business case studies and new initiatives that could have bearing on the work of the Task Force.
  • Decide on the Task Force’s work programme for 2012 and 2013 and discuss ways to broaden outreach and co-operation with other institutions.

The meeting brought together experts in the field of renewable energy and energy investment, OECD experts, policy practitioners, intergovernmental organisations, and business leaders from MENA and OECD economies, including from banking, energy and infrastructure companies. Confirmed institutional participants included the Union for the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean Energy Observatory (OME), and the ISMed Group.



Eighth Meeting of the MENA-OECD Task Force on Energy and Infrastructure






Investment incentives to spur investment in renewable energy in the MENA region, Anna Thiemann, OECD

Presentation of the Mediterranean Solar Plan, Marc Strauss, Union for the Mediterranean


Presentation by OME: Perspectives for the energy sector in MENA, Pedro Moraleda, Mediterranean Energy Observatory


Presentation by the Jordan Investment Board: Renewable energy projects in Jordan, Dr. Bashar Al-Zu'bi, Jordan Investment Board


Presentation of ISMed: A new institutional financing vehicle for infrastructure projects in North Africa, Dr. Alexander Böhmer, OECD


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