Capstone meetings 2-3 February 2014


Capstone Meetings on “Policies to Encourage Iraq’s Economic Development”
2-3 February 2014 - Baghdad, Iraq

The MENA-OECD Investment Programme, along with Iraqi and international experts, presented a series of policy insights and recommendations to high-level Government of Iraq (GoI) officials and other participants at the National Investment Commission (NIC) in Baghdad. During the four capstone meetings, which were broadly reported on by the Iraqi and MENA-region media, the Programme and participants discussed the findings of the Programme’s work with the GoI since 2007. In particular, the meetings sought to encourage the GoI to develop and implement policies to spur economic reform and to attract increased investment.


 ‌Capstone meeting, February 2014, Baghdad


The meetings with Iraqi parliamentarians, high-level GoI officials, technical experts, international organisations, OECD-member country embassies and OECD staff covered:

  • Catalysing investment into Iraq;
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP) and Iraq’s infrastructure development;
  • Improving public procurement to expedite development; and
  • Reforming policy to meet the growing demand for housing.

With funding from the United States Department of State since 2007, the Programme has worked with the GoI on economic policy through policy dialogue, research and capacity building. The Programme developed the work based on the GoI’s priorities and of OECD standards, instruments and expertise – in particular in investment policy and private-sector involvement in infrastructure.




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