Assessing the tax implications of the financial crisis


Paris, 28-29 January 2009


Senior tax policy officials from the MENA region and OECD countries met in the framework of the Working Group on Tax Policy and Administration on 28-29 January 2009 at the OECD Paris headquarters to address the implementation of tax policies supporting business climate development. The meeting included a dynamic exchange of views on alternative approaches, and experiences with specific policy measures.


With its role to help foster dialogue in support of tax reform efforts, the Working Group 3 on Tax Policy Analysis draws on data, analytical tools, publications and reports on tax policy making compiled by the OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA), as well as activities of other MENA-OECD Investment Programme working groups.

The objectives of this meeting were to:

  • hold discussions on the tax implications of the current global financial crisis
  • analyse the implications of globalisation for the taxation of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • advance work on tax indicators
  • plan future work on tax policy 

An informal half-day technical meeting for tax policy analysts was held prior to the working group meeting on 27 January 2009 to discuss tax policy theory and analysis in relation to work on tax indicators.


 Meeting documentation


Draft agenda l Ordre du jour provisoire

Informal Technical Meeting on Tax Policy Analysis - Draft Agenda

Information note l Note d'informations


 Meeting papers and presentations


Session I

The Sub-Prime Crisis: Causal Distortions and Regulatory Reform

Tax and economic growth: Summary and main findings


Mr. Adrian Blundell-Wignall
Mr. Geoff Lloyd
Tax and economic growth


Session II

Draft report on the taxation of SMEs



Tax and SMEs
SME informal markets


Session III

Tax component of the BCDS framework: (English l French )


BCDS framework
Tax component of the BCDS


Session IV

Measuring Tax Burdens: An Overview

Tax Policy for Investment: A User's Toolkit


FIAS technical assistance work
Work on the WB Doing Business indicators
OECD indicators


Session V

Applications of the Taxing Wages Framework

   >Tax reforms and tax burdens: 2000-2006 ( English l French ) 

   >Taxing Families 2000-2001 ( English l French ) 

OECD Taxing Wages Framework


Taxing Wages in Greece
Aplications of Taxing Wages


Session VI

Introduction to METR analysis
METR applications in Canada
METR analysis in EU countries
METR applications by FIAS


Session VII

Activities at the OECD Multilateral Training Centre




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