Ministerial Meeting 2012: Partners for Development


To make sure that all countries have an opportunity to get on board, Chilean Finance Minister Filipe Larraín will lead discussions on Partners for Development. With some countries speeding ahead and others trailing behind, what is the best way to better address today’s complex development challenges?


Last year, during the Ministerial Council Meeting, the ministers asked OECD to draw up a Development Strategy. Basing their discussions on the Strategy, ministers will look at ways the organisation can strengthen its knowledge sharing and contribute to global, regional and country-specific debates. And with their counterparts from Key Partners - Brazil, China, India, Indonesia and South Africa which are increasingly engaged in OECD’s work - the ministers will note projects of joint interest to address a wide range of global concerns.

The OECD Strategy on Development

Working with Key Partners and strategic regions, including MENA



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