Ministerial Meeting 2016: Trade and investment


ITEM 7: Strengthening the contribution of trade and investment to inclusive growth

Thursday 2 June 2016 - 12:30


Ministers discussed how the OECD, working with the WTO and others, can provide new evidence-based insights to support policy issues warranting priority attention on trade and investment.


For this purpose, Members:

  • addressed policy issues ranging from agriculture and non-agriculture market access, environmental goods and services, to trade and investment policy coherence, as well as restrictions in the services sector, incentives and subsidies

  • discussed how to reduce unnecessary trade costs and reflect on the prevalence of protectionist measures

  • considered how new regional and plurilateral agreements may contribute to strengthen multilateral rulemaking

  • discussed how open, transparent, and rules-based investment policies increasingly contribute to productivity, innovation, technology transfer and inclusiveness and how the OECD can help countries reach the optimal balance between investor protection and governments’ right to regulate

  • discussed the implications of GVCs in the interdependence between trade and investment and avenues to enhance their complementary effects

  • provided guidance on how the Organisation can further promote Responsible Business Conduct (RBC)




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