Ministerial Meeting 2016: Background documents


MCM 2016 documents

  • Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General for 2016 and beyond
    For reference C/MIN(2016)1

  • MCM Key Issues Paper
    For reference C/MIN(2016)2

  • The Productivity-Inclusiveness Nexus
    For reference C/MIN(2016)3

  • Update on the Mainstreaming of the New Approaches to Economic Challenges (NAEC) Initiative
    For reference C/MIN(2016)4

  • Enabling the Next Production Revolution: The Future of Manufacturing and Services -Interim Report
    For reference C/MIN(2016)5

  • Better Policies for 2030: An OECD Action Plan on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    For reference C/MIN(2016)6 and C/MIN(2016)6/ADD1

  • Declaration on Enhancing Productivity for Inclusive Growth
    For reference C/MIN(2016)7/FINAL

  • MCM Statement                                  
    For reference C/MIN(2016)8/FINAL

  • MCM Chair’s Summary
    For reference C/MIN(2016)9

Background documents

  • Follow-up to COP21 – Supporting the Implementation of the Paris Agreement
    For reference ENV/EPOC(2016)8/REV1

  • Towards a Recommendation on Water (Progress Report) 
    For reference ENV/EPOC(2016)9/REV1

  • Corporate Finance and Productivity    
    For reference DAF/CMF(2016)13/REV1

  • Improving Productivity and Inclusion at national and sub-national levels: How can Modern public Sector Governance help? 
    For reference GOV(2016)1

  • Contribution of Trade and Investment to increased Productivity, Growth, Jobs and Inclusiveness
    For reference TAD/TC(2016)6/REV1

  • Enhancing the Inter-Governmental and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Investment Treaties (Progress Report)
    For reference DAF/INV(2016)12/REV1

  • Strengthening Responsible Business Conduct through Trade and Investment (Progress Report)
    For reference DAF/INV(2016)13/REV1

  • Anticipating Change: Work, Skills and Job Quality          
    For reference DELSA/ELSA(2016)8/REV1

  • Advancing Child Well-Being to Promote Inclusive Growth
    For reference DELSA/ELSA(2016)7/REV1

  • Strengthening Anti-corruption and Integrity for Global Productivity, Inclusiveness and Development
    For reference GOV/PGC(2016)4/REV1

  • OECD Latin America and Caribbean Regional Programme
    For reference C(2016)1/FINAL

These documents are published under the responsibility of the Secretary-General of the OECD. The opinions expressed and arguments employed herein do not necessarily reflect the official views of OECD member countries.




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