Ministerial Meeting 2015: Unlocking growth


ITEM 3: Unlocking growth: the role of Investment, Innovation and Business Climate

Wednesday 3 June - 3:40pm

In exploring how investment, innovation and a suitable business climate can help unlock growth and jobs, Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) discussions highlighted the role of investment in:

  • promoting a more robust, inclusive and green growth
  • fostering employment and quality jobs
  • supporting innovation
  • fostering education and skills

The session highlighted the role of responsible business conduct and the need for investment policy reforms. 

3.1 Investment and inclusive growth

Ministers explored policies that can:

  • promote stronger and more sustainable investment
  • establish a “level-playing field” by improving protection standards
  • bolster investor confidence
  • promote more socially responsible business practices


  • Policy Framework for Investment (2015)
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)5

  • Recommendation of the Council on the Policy Framework for Investment 
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)6/FINAL

  • Key Issues Paper
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)3

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3.2 Investment in innovation to foster productivity

Ministers were invited to discuss:

  • how governments can most effectively foster and leverage private investment in innovation
  • how innovation can be better oriented towards more inclusive growth
  • how can the OECD support countries in the design and implementation of their policies in a context of rapid technological change


  • OECD Innovation Strategy 2015 - An Agenda for Policy Action
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)7

  • Key Issues Paper
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)3

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3.3 Investment in skills

Ministers were invited to explore:

  • how skills have become a determining factor in the economic success of individuals and countries
  • how investment in skills generates non-economic benefits and enhances social capital


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3.4 Improving the business climate to promote responsible investment

Ministers focused on

  • how Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) and better corporate governance can promote essential corporate checks and balances that lead to good business practices
  • how well-designed regulations and institutional frameworks can deliver better economic and social outcomes by contributing to more inclusive societies, well-functioning markets, and stronger environmental protection


  • Building a More Resilient International Tax System to Support Sustainable Growth: An Update on BEPS, Exchange of Information and the Tax and Development Programme
    For reference: C/MIN(2015)8

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