Ministerial Meeting 2014: Development


Partnerships for Global Resilience and Development as Empowerment

Wednesday 7 May 2014 - 9:45am


The OECD has further strengthened its engagements with non-Member countries. 

Since the 2013 Council Resolution on Strengthening the OECD's Global Reach, new accession processes have been launched with Colombia and Latvia, the implementation of the Southeast Asia Regional Programme has progressed, and Country Programmes are being developed. 

The OECD continues to leverage its work to support G8/G20 discussions, and the Key and other Partner countries have stepped up their participation in the Organisation’s activities. 

The OECD’s Strategy on Development underpins the Organisation’s engagement in the area of development cooperation, focussing on three complementary endeavours:

  • enhancing policy coherence for development
  • fostering knowledge sharing between Members and non-Members
  • enhancing the OECD’s contributions to global processes and the development architecture

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