Study visit: Perspektive 50+ Regional employment pacts for older workers (Offenbach-am-Main, Germany)



Study visit for local development practitioners organised within the framework of the
OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance

16- 17 July 2015, Offenbach-am-Main, Germany



The study-visit was organised in the context of OECD LEED research project on “Local economic strategies for ageing and shrinking labour markets”. The project aims to explore the local labour market impacts of ageing as well as policy instruments to address this challenge from firm management practices for older workers to comprehensive local strategies for ageing skills ecosystems. Assisting older unemployed workers to get back on the labour market is one of the strategies implemented in Germany with the Perspektive 50+ initiative. This national initiative is addressed to long-term unemployed workers over 50 years old and has a strong local dimension. As such, it is frequently mentioned as a best practice example of flexibility to adapt public employment services to local needs and to a specific target group.


The main objective of the 2-day study visit was to learn about the design, implementation and results of the Perspektive 50+ regional employment pacts for older workers. The on-site visits in Offenbach-am-Main was  followed by a workshop on local initiatives to help senior workers remain active on the labour market. The event provided opportunities to network with peers from other countries and to provide suggestions for future OECD LEED work on “fostering local resilience”.


The study visit brought together a group of 20 representatives of local partnerships, government officials, public employment services, local leaders and academics.






The study visit was held in Offenbach-am-Main, Germany. The city is part of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area and has around 127,000 inhabitants. The city is nearby Frankfurt’s airport and central station.





For further information, please contact Nathalie Cliquot at the OECD Secretariat.