Workshop: Building effective local strategies to boost quality job creation, employment and participation - U.S. Department of Labor & OECD event (Washington, United States)




A workshop organised within the framework of the
OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development

18-19 November 2014, Washington D.C.





International experiences can provide important lessons for developing new approaches. This event highlighted key findings from the OECD’s work on this topic and considered their application in the U.S. context. In particular, it drew from an OECD comparative project in 12 countries on how employment and training agencies can contribute to creating more and better quality jobs. The focus on concrete practices to implement workforce development programs and integrate them with economic development initiatives across these countries brought a fresh perspective to ongoing discussions on WIOA implementation.

This event also provided a unique opportunity for policy makers and practitioners to share experiences and discuss how best to take forward the G20 policy priorities on local job creation adopted in September 2014 at the G20 Labour and Employment Ministerial meeting. Finally, this event helped to launch the OECD’s new flagship publication on Job Creation and Local Economic Development.



Creating more and better quality jobs should be at the heart of government policies in the recovery, not only to create growth, but to reduce poverty and increase social cohesion. Employment and training agencies have a critical role to play, but their efforts must be integrated with those of economic development organizations and educational institutions. The passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act presents an opportunity to examine how these linkages can be further developed and improved upon in the United States.



This workshop was open to invited high level leaders and thinkers in the fields of workforce development, economic development, and education in the US as well as internationally. 






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  Washington D.C, United States.



For further information on the seminar, please contact Anna Rubin.