Round table discussion: Local responses to welcoming refugees - From initial reception to longer term integration (Paris, France)




A capacity building activity organised within the framework of the
OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development

26 November 2015, Paris, France





Much attention has been paid to how the current wave of refugeeswill be distributed across European countries and the national policies, initiatives and programmes that will need to be put in place to facilitate their integration. Yet the refugee crisis has an equally important local dimension.

Local authorities and a range of local organisations are at the forefront of reception and integration efforts, including community-based organisations, NGOs and social enterprises, employment services, and education and training institutions. They must provide a rapid response, often in the context of reduced resources and political tensions.

As part of the OECD’s efforts to assist member countries in responding to the refugee crisis, the OECD LEED Programme organised a round table on 26 November 2015 in Paris, France, to extract what local authorities and other actors know works, what the new scenario is demanding and how equipped they are to respond.



The discussions was based on the examples of projects and programmes collected through a “Call for Initiatives” in the following fields:

- Strategic responses by local governments
- Integrated services/ one stop shops
- Housing and access to health services
- Labour market integration
- Education and training
- Business start-up support
- Raising awareness and public participation



The round table gathered representatives of local authorities, policy makers and practitioners in the field employment, social inclusion, education and economic development, OECD experts and academics. The objective of the round table was to:

1. Inform and support mutual learning among policy makers and practitioners; and
2. Develop guidance that helps local stakeholders to provide an effective response, while also advising national governments on how to best support local actors in this process.



+  Agenda and issues papers

+ Presentations

The refugee crisis: setting the sceneby Thomas Liebig, Principal Administrator, OECD ELS Directorate
Readiness to respond: reception, by Francesca Froy, OECD Consultant
The refugee crisit readiness to respond: reception, by Antonella Noya, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD LEED Programme
The labour market integration of humanitarian migrants, by Thomas Liebig, Principal Administrator, OECD ELS Directorate
Results from the call for initiatives on local responses to refugee crisis, by Joseph Tixier, OECD Consultan

+ Learn from the initiatives submitted through the call




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 Paris, France.



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