Korea: Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the OECD


Mr Sihyung LEE

Sihyung Lee, Ambassador of Korea to the OECD



Mr. LEE graduated from Seoul National University with a major in International Relations. He also studied Russian from 1990 to 1992 at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.


Since joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1980, Ambassador LEE has worked at the Korean Consulate General in San Francisco; the Permanent Mission in Geneva; and the Embassies in Washington D.C., Stockholm, and Phnom Penh. In Seoul, he was Director for WTO Affairs and Director for Personnel and Allocation of Human Resources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Earlier, he worked mostly on Korea-US bilateral trade and the Uruguay Round negotiations of GATT. During 2003-2007, the Korean government tried a unique experiment of swapping senior officials among ministries. Mr. LEE volunteered to be sent to the Ministry of Economy and Finance as Director-General for Economic Cooperation. That experience enriched his lifetime diplomatic career in many respects. Mr. LEE served as Ambassador to Poland from September 2006 until March 2009. During his ambassadorship, the Republic of Poland became Korea’s fourth-largest trading partner among 27 EU member states.


Returning from Warsaw, he was appointed Chief of Protocol in the Presidential Committee for the G20 Seoul Summit in preparation for the hosting of the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010. He was in charge of preparing all the convention sites and logistics in addition to taking care of 34 heads of state, governments and major international organisations including the OECD. The G20 Seoul Summit turned out to be a great success in terms of both policy discussions and its organisation.


From 2011 until his nomination as Permanent Representative of Korea to the OECD, Ambassador Sihyung LEE was Deputy Minister for Trade at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. As Deputy Trade Minister, he was responsible for directing and coordinating foreign trade policies and trade negotiations as well as establishing and implementing foreign economic and trade policies. He was also the Senior Official for the WTO Doha Development Agenda (DDA) and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).


Mr. LEE is married to Ms. Aesoon YOON and they have two sons.

Ambassador Sihyung LEE took up his duties as Permanent Representative of Korea to the OECD on 27 May 2013.


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