Development Centre Seminars: Asia and Europe: Services Liberalisation


Services liberalisation can be an emotive issue where the tertiary sector has been largely dominated by the state and where, consequently, its employees have civil-servant status. This applies as much in Asia as it has done in Europe. Despite this reality, it can be shown that services liberalisation is essential to any successful development strategy, and especially one based on a regional approach. This book demonstrates some of the pitfalls associated with services liberalisation but none the less recommends perseverance and even acceleration of the reforms. On a regional basis, the contributors call for orderly and rapid progress towards regional integration of the services sector, based on the gradual removal of the barriers to competition. The benefits will be increased FDI flows and domestic investment, with a subsequent contribution to growth and poverty reduction.


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This book is based upon the 2002 International Forum on Asian Perspectives, organised annually by the Asian Development Bank and the OECD Development Centre.