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  • 23-April-2008


    OECD working party launches safety testing of nanomaterials

    OECD member countries, as well as some non-member economies and other stakeholders, are pooling expertise and funding to test the human health and environmental safety effects of a number of nanomaterials.

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  • 7-April-2008

    Japanese, , 226kb

    OECD 対日経済審査報告書2008 年版

    日本経済は戦後最長の景気拡大期にあり、2008 年と2009 年は1½~2%の経済成長が見込まれる。成長の牽引役は企業の旺盛な設備投資とアジア諸国向けを中心とした輸出の力強い伸びである。しかし今後の持続的成長という面で、日本経済は根強いデフレ、すでに膨大な公的債務のさらなる増加、経済セグメント間の格差拡大などといった様々な課題に直面している。大手製造業が輸出拡大の恩恵を受けている一方、中小企業が大半を占める非製造業は収益性、景況感、投資、賃金の面で出遅れている。労働市場でも二極化が進んでおり、低賃金で社会的保護も手薄な非正規労働者が労働人口に占める比率は上昇している。こうした課題に対処するためには、健全なマクロ経済政策や構造改革を含めた包括的な施策によって、労働参加率や生産性を高める一方で経済格差を克服することが求められる。デフレの完全な終息の確保。 日本銀行は、2006 年に導入した新たな金融政策の枠組みに基づいて政策金利を2 度引き上げた後、2007

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  • 5-April-2008


    “The Changing Landscape of Development Co-operation”

    In his remarks delivered at the Session 1: Expanding Partnership for Development of the G8 Development Ministers’ Meeting, Mr. Gurría identified three points for discussion about development co-operation: achieving sustainable societies and economies; the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, which is an important milestone in our efforts to achieve better results on development co-operation in all regions of the world; the

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  • 27-March-2008


    More Than Just Jobs: Workforce Development in a Skills-Based Economy

    This report provides valuable insights into how labour policies can be expanded to meet economic development and social cohesion goals, while also reconciling national and local concerns...

  • 27-March-2008


    Local Development Benefits from Staging Global Events

    This book identifies how international events work as a trigger for local development and what hosting cities and nations can do to ensure that positive local development is realised.

  • 3-March-2008

    English, , 901kb

    Thematic Review of Tertiary Education - Country Note for Japan

    This Country Note on Japan forms part of the OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education. This is a collaborative project to assist countries in the design and implementation of tertiary education policies which contribute to the realisation of their social and economic objectives.

  • 12-February-2008


    Globalisation in Services: From Measurement to Analysis

    Statistics Working Paper N. 25 - 2008/3/REV1 - This paper provides new estimates of international trade in services for mode 3 (foreign affiliates' sales in a host country) for four major OECD countries, thanks to the harmonisation of FATS statistics with conventional international trade ones (trade recorded in the balances of payments - modes 1 and 2), using the CEPII's exhaustive CHELEM-BAL database. The results show that sales by

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  • 21-January-2008


    OECD work with G8 (2008 Summit)

    For the Summit in Japan, the top priorities laid down by Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukada wer environment and climate change; development and Africa; the world economy; and political issues including non-proliferation.

  • 18-January-2008

    English, , 87kb

    Japan Fisheries Services

    Country inventory from Japan on fisheries services, submitted in 2007.

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  • 7-November-2007

    English, , 562kb

    OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and Japan - Report on Progress of the Implementation of the Phase 2 Recommendations since June 2006

    Follow-up Report on the Implementation by Japan of the Phase 2 Recommendations on the Application of the OECD Convention and the 1997 Recommendation on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions.

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