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  • 13-September-2011

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    Education at a Glance 2011: Country note – Italy

    The 2011 edition of Education at a Glance: OECD Indicators enables countries to see themselves in the light of other countries’ performance.

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  • 22-August-2011


    OECD Studies on Tourism - Italy: Review of Issues and Policies

    This report sets out the main analysis and recommendations of the tourism policy review of Italy and assesses the current state of tourism performance in Italy.

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  • 16-August-2011


    Tax: OECD's Gurría welcomes Italy fiscal plan

    The OECD welcomes the comprehensive package approved by the Italian government at the weekend.

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  • 5-July-2011


    Una crescita competitiva per una migliore occupazione: politiche, soluzioni e strategie per lo sviluppo e l’impiego

    I governi devono assicurarsi che i servizi per l’occupazione e i programmi di formazione permettano di coniugare efficacemente la domanda e l’offerta di lavoro. Inoltre queste politiche dovrebbero rinforzare la protezione dei lavoratori temporanei, prendere in considerazione la possibilità di ridurre il carico fiscale sul lavoro e promuovere accordi integrativi in grado di ridurre al minimo le perdite di occupazione durante fasi di

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  • 4-July-2011


    Competitive growth for quality jobs: Policies, solutions and strategies for development and employment

    Governments must ensure that employment services and training programmes are effective in matching people to existing jobs. They should also rebalance employment protection towards temporary workers; consider reducing taxes on labour; and promote work-sharing arrangements that can minimise employment losses during downturns.

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  • 24-June-2011


    Government at a Glance 2011: Information by country

    These country notes contain over 50 indicators which compare the political and institutional frameworks of national governments as well as revenues and expenditures, employment, and compensation. They include a description of government policies on integrity, e-government and open government.

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  • 22-June-2011


    Italy: Review of Issues and Policies

    This report sets out the main analysis and recommendations of the tourism policy review of Italy. It  assesses the current state of tourism performance in Italy, its framework conditions and business environment, the existing set of tourism policies and programmes, especially in the area of statistics, promotion and education and training.  The report presents a series of policy recommendations intended to support policy and programme development in Italy in order to develop and strengthen further the tourism sector and to provide inspiration to policy makers in other countries faced with similar challenges.  The report includes international learning models from  the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain and Switzerland.

  • 15-April-2011


    Study visit: Green skills in the Autonomous Province of Trento (Trento, Italy)

    Within the Green Jobs Learning Forum promoted by the ILO, the Trento Centre organised an intense morning discussion involving local representatives to consider sustainable development strategies in the Autonomous Province of Trento.

  • 8-April-2011


    Greening Household Behaviour: The Role of Public Policy

    This publication presents the main results and policy implications of an OECD survey of more than 10 000 households in 10 countries. It offers new insight into what policy measures really work, looking at what factors affect people’s behaviour towards the environment.

  • 8-December-2010


    Regulatory Reform in OECD Countries: Reports by Country

    The unique OECD peer review process has helped improve public policy. It assesses how countries manage the design, adoption and enforcement of regulations according to a conceptual framework. It ensures comparability while taking account of institutional and cultural differences across countries.

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