Economic Survey of Italy - Press Review


1. Summary

The OECD economic survey of Italy (published 18 May 2005) received good media coverage.

La Repubblica in its front page lead says the OECD report severely criticises Italy’s economic situation. The paper adds that its forecasts are more pessimistic than those of the Italian government. Il Sole 24 Ore leads with the report’s concern that the Italian economy is growing more slowly than the European average . Low productivity is continuing to raise unit labour costs.

The Financial Times highlighted the OECD severe criticism of the Italian economy. According to the OECD survey Italy has to raise productivity, it needs to keep its public finances under control and to further reform corporate governance.
For The Economist Italy is the real sick man of Europe; the OECD report focussed on the structural weaknesses of the Italian economy which was also picked up by many media including Reuters, World Markets, the French daily La Tribune and German papers like Financial Times Deutschland, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine or Welt am Sonntag. They added that the OECD report called for reforms in order to improve competitiveness and productivity.

Under the headline OECD warns Italy’s Economic Growth Outlook Looks Bleak  the Wall Street Journal highlighted the survey’s concern that the budget deficits should be reduced.
The Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung refers to the many structural problems identified in the report,  which Le Monde also underlined in one headline.

2. References

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