Higher education and research in the Galilee


Higher education (HE) landscape in the Galilee

The number of HEIs is high in relation to the surface area and population. There are two universities, five academic colleges, four teacher-training colleges, and one newly-established private college in the region.


Higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Galilee

About 47 000 students are enrolled at the Galilee’s HEIs. Haifa University is the largest institution with nearly 17 000 students. The second largest HEI is the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion) with about 12 500 students.
Between 1989/90 and 2006/07 the number of undergraduate students in Israel has nearly tripled. The growth happened mainly in the Northern, Central and Southern districts. Nearly a quarter of Israeli undergraduates studied in Haifa and the Northern district in 2005/06.


Academic colleges

University Branches

Private Colleges

  • Academic Centre Carmel

Teacher Training Academic Colleges


Research institutes outside higher education institutions

The Upper Galilee Centre for Knowledge (MIGAL) is an independent research institute with fifteen research groups in fields including agricultural sciences, ecology, therapeutics and analytical chemistry. MIGAL employs about 140 people as scientific staff.


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