SEE 2020


The South East Europe (SEE) 2020 Vision was endorsed at the 2011 Ministerial Conference of the OECD Investment Compact. The SEE 2020 roadmap for long-term growth is modelled on the Europe 2020 strategy, but is adapted to meet the region’s needs. 


The SEE 2020 Vision is the product of close collaboration between the Investment Compact and governments of the region. The vision focuses on stimulating the key long-term drivers of growth: innovation, skills and trade integration. Its guiding principles are:

Integrated growth through deeper regional trade and investment linkages and policies that are nondiscriminatory, transparent and predictable

Smart growth through the commitment to innovate and compete on value-added rather than on labour costs

                          Investment Compact Ministerial Conference, November 2011

Sustainable growth through raising the level of private sector competitiveness, entrepreneurship and a commitment to greener and more energy-efficient development

Inclusive growth through skills development, employment creation and inclusive labour market participation

■ Governance for growth by increasing the capacity of public administrations to strengthen the rule of law and reduce corruption in order to create a business-friendly environment.

What SEE2020 is working to achieve

In 2012, the OECD Investment Compact assisted the governments in the region to develop quantifiable headline targets for SEE 2020.  Using 2010 as a base year, governments provided their economy-specific targets up to 2020. The regional targets were then calculated as a weighted average by population.


The strategic targets for the region, centered around the above pillars, are the following:

>> Increase regional GDP PPP per capita from 38% to 46% of the EU-27 average
>> Grow the region’s total value of trade in goods and services by more than 130%
>> Reduce the region’s trade deficit from 14.1 to 11.6 per cent of regional GDP


Integrated growth

Smart growth

Sustainable growth

Inclusive growth

Governance for growth

>> Increase intra-regional trade in goods by more than 230% 

>> Increase overall FDI inflows to the region by at least 120%

>> Increase   GDP per person employed by 33%

>> Increase the rate of enterprise creation by 20% 

>> Increase exports of goods and services per capita from the region by 130%

>> Increase the overall employ-ment rate by 12% 

>> Add 300,000 highly educated people to the region’s workforce

>> Increase government effectiveness by 20% by 2020.

The Investment Compact is monitoring the implementation of the SEE 2020 Strategy, and is supporting SEE governments to take action to strengthen regional value chains, through the Next Generation Competitiveness Initiative (NGCI).


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