Next Generation Competitiveness Initiative


Governments in the Western Balkans are now making policy decisions that may have long lasting effects on the medium and long-term competitiveness of their economies. Common barriers to development identified across the region include: over reliance on cost competitiveness, looming skills gaps, inadequate innovation and lack of policy monitoring mechanisms.

The NGCI, building upon the work done through the Regional Competitiveness Initiative, will support the implementation of the South East Europe 2020 by:

Supporting implementation: Strengthening the competitiveness of key economic sectors in the Western Balkans; and

Monitoring, evaluating and assessing the policy reforms and institutional settings which are necessary for meeting the commitments contained in SEE 2020.


How will this be achieved?

The project will focus its interventions in three specific economic sectors deemed to possess comparative advantages, and where regional value chains exist. The project will:

  • Facilitate regional industry working groups in three sectors where regional complementarities can support competitiveness in global markets;
  • Identify constraints to the development of those sectors;
  • Define policy actions for each constraint;
  • Launch pilot projects of support to implementation;
  • Develop a comprehensive monitoring tool, consisting of 100+ indicators, to track the implementation of SEE 2020.





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