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Investment promotion and facilitation


World Bank

  • World Bank agencies provide substantial training and policy advice on investment promotion. The Foreign Investment Advisory Service ( offers assistance in diagnosing the investment climate, with recommendations for policy, regulatory and procedural reform, institutional frameworks for investment promotion and methods for monitoring effectiveness.
  • While FIAS has traditionally focused on investment climate reform and the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency ( on technical assistance to governments and intermediaries involved in promoting investment, MIGA’s technical assistance services were integrated into FIAS in 2007.
  • To support investment promotion intermediaries in achieving their objectives for attracting and retaining FDI, MIGA developed the Investment Promotion Toolkit (online at the MIGA/FIAS FDI Promotion Center It serves as a handbook on investment promotion that can be used by IPAs, investment consultancies, sector ministries, international development organisations, national, state and local economic development agencies, and privatisation agencies, among others. The Toolkit comprises 9 modules devoted to:
    • Understanding foreign direct investment
    • Developing and investment promotion agency
    • Creating an investment promotion strategy
    • Building effective partnerships
    • Strengthening the location’s image
    • Targeting and generating investment opportunities
    • Servicing investors
    • Monitoring and evaluating activities and results
    • Utilising information technology
  • Another MIGA website ( includes i.a. a directory of all IPAs worldwide, as well as links to the annual IPA Performance Review.
  • The World Bank Doing Business project ( provides in-depth analysis of the costs of doing business and rankings of country performance.
  • Morriset, J. “Does a country need a promotion agency to attract foreign direct investment?” Policy Research Working Paper 3028, World Bank, April 2003

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (
WAIPA acts as a forum for IPAs to provide networking opportunities and facilitate the exchange of best practices in investment promotion. Membership is open to all agencies whose prime function is to promote any country or territory for investment.


Investment incentives


Linkages between investors and local suppliers



United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)


World Bank Finance Corporation




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