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2.9 To what extent has the government taken advantage of information exchange networks for promoting investment?

Rationale for the question

One of the roles of IPAs is to help identify potential investment opportunities by promoting partnerships between foreign and domestic enterprises. A number of initiatives exist to help governments and IPAs in their linkage promotion efforts.

Various organisations can assist with IPA issues as noted in question 2.8, but simply joining a network does not guarantee that the country derives the full potential benefit. To do so requires establishing goals and active strategies for participating in networks. Organisations should also ensure that they have adequate funding and staff to make membership meaningful. Networks provide a variety of conferences, referral services and best practice guides. Using these effectively requires that organisations dedicate staff to studying best practices and to reaching out to peers and policy advisors.



  • Using linkage promotion services – A number of initiatives exist to help governments and IPAs in their linkage promotion efforts. For example, the UNIDO Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges (SPXs) act as technical information, promotion and matchmaking centres for industrial subcontracting. The SPX Network currently provides detailed, standardised, updated and certified data on approximately 20,000 manufacturing companies worldwide, thereby favouring the establishment of partnerships between contractors, suppliers and subcontractors. To date, more than 60 SPXs have been set up with UNIDO’s assistance in more than 30 countries. A number of regionally-based information exchange networks also exist, such as the Asia-Africa Investment Technology Promotion Centre, established through UNIDO, to promote Asian investment in Africa. It provides a Website to share business-related information on investment opportunities between Asia and Africa.



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