Investment promotion & facilitation


The 9 PFI questions on Investment Promotion and Facilitation relate to:

  • Business environment and investment promotion

  • Establishing an investment promotion agency (IPA)

  • Monitoring IPA performance

  • Streamlining administrative procedures

  • IPA dialogue mechanisms

  • Cost-benefit of investment incentives

  • Promotion of investment linkages

  • Drawing on international expertise

  • Information exchange networks

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Chapter overview

Within an overarching strategy for improving the investment environment, investment promotion and facilitation can help to increase both domestic and foreign investment and to enhance their contribution to national economic development. Success in promoting investment requires a careful calculation of how to employ resources most effectively and how to organise investment promotion activities within the government so that the overriding goal of economic development through improvements in the investment climate remains at the forefront of policymaking. This chapter seeks to assist countries in incorporating international best practices into their own investment promotion efforts.

Extensive advice and promotional tools already exist in this area, such as those provided by the World Bank or the United Nations, covering all aspects of investment promotion. Rather than repeating these resources at the end of each question, they are considered in more depth at the end of the chapter. Only those resources which apply to a specific question are included under individual questions.



OECD Checklist for Foreign Direct Investment Incentive Policies 

UNCTAD Investment Facilitation Compact

UNIDO Subcontracting and Partnership Exchanges

World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA)

Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)

World Bank/IFC/MIGA Investment Climate project

World Bank/IFC/MIGA Investment Promotion Toolkit

World Bank/IFC Doing Business project






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