The User’s Toolkit for the Policy Framework for Investment (PFI) offers practical‌ guidance on how to implement the PFI. More than just a technical manual, it highlights how the core principles of the PFI influence investment, how the various chapters of the PFI relate to one another and how the PFI can assist in an on-going and iterative process of reform and in fostering public/private dialogue.


Country Experiences

‌Read about how different countries are using the PFI to help improve their investment climate.

FDI Statistics

Data, analysis and forecasts based on most recent FDI statistics for OECD and G20 countries.

FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index

‌Available for 55 countries, this index gauges the restrictiveness of a country’s FDI rules.

PFI slideshow

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Investment news  
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Adaptations of the PFI

These flexible tools assist governments to evaluate their investment policies in specific sectors in order to attract more and better investment.