• 15-September-2006

    English, , 216kb

    The OECD fights corruption

    This brochure gives an overview of the OECD’s multidisciplinary approach to fighting corruption and highlights the fundamental legal instruments, reports, guidelines and various publications on the matter.

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  • 30-May-2006

    English, , 352kb

    Investment Newsletter, May 2006, Issue 1

    The first issue of the Investment Newsletter focuses on recent policy analyses and new tools designed to enhance the positive contribution of investment for growth and sustainable development worldwide.

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  • 15-May-2006

    English, , 203kb

    The OECD Initiative on Investment for Development

    On current trends, the Millennium Development Goals may not be achieved in many developing countries, especially in Africa. Despite positive trends in the past decade, business investment and enterprise development in non-OECD regions continue to fall short of development needs. Realisation of this has led to renewed interest in the growth agenda and the importance of private investment for promoting the broad-based and sustained

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  • 22-August-2005

    English, , 415kb

    Promoting investment for growth and sustainable development worldwide

    Promoting investment for growth and sustainable development worldwide is a core mission of the OECD. This mission has been entrusted to the Investment Committee.

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  • 1-October-2001

    English, , 503kb

    Borderless Co-operation: OECD Global Forum on International Investment

    This brochure provides an overview of the challenges facing all countries, rich and poor, developing and developed, and the contribution of the OECD in the field of international investment.

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