Meetings / Conferences / Agendas

  • 26-June-2013


    Inaugural Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct

    This meeting will address high-level systematic approaches to responsible business conduct and identify priority areas for future action. In the wake of the Rana Plaza tragedy, Her Excellency Dr. Dipu Moni, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Bangladesh, will open the Forum and participate in a special session on Bangladesh and the textile industry.

  • 14-June-2013


    Southeast Asia: Training seminar on designing, developing and implementing sound investment policies

    Training seminar for government officials from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Viet Nam on how to design, develop, and implement sound investment policies to attract investment which will contribute to sustainable development.

  • 7-June-2013


    11th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference

    The 11th Annual IBA Anti-Corruption Conference, presented by the IBA Anti-Corruption Committee with the support of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), will take place 12-13 June 2013 at OECD headquarters in Paris.

  • 31-May-2013


    OECD-SADC-IFC-JICA seminar on private sector participation in Africa's infrastructure

    This seminar focused on overcoming challenges to private sector participation in infrastructure in Southern Africa.

  • 23-May-2013


    India-OECD seminar on fighting bribery in business transactions

    Co-organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the OECD in New Delhi, discussions at this seminar focused on corruption challenges facing Indian companies today and what can be done to overcome these challenges.

  • 2-May-2013


    Forum on implementing due diligence in the 3Ts and Gold supply chains

    Participants in this multi-stakeholder meeting launched the Gold Implementation programme and advanced implementation of due diligence in the 3Ts supply chain to ensure that companies avoid contributing to conflict through their mineral or metal purchasing decisions and practices.

  • 25-April-2013


    Third Annual High-Level Anti-Corruption Conference for G20 Governments and Business

    Co-organised by the G20 Russian Presidency and the OECD, with UNODC support, this conference focused on promoting transparency and integrity in organising sport and other major events and cutting-edge measures for governments and business to combat corruption.

  • 19-April-2013


    Panel at the 2013 World Bank/IMF Civil Society Policy Forum

    Government, business, trade and civil society representatives came together at this panel session to discuss the first year of implementation following the 2011 Update of the Guidelines.

  • 25-March-2013


    Enterprise development and innovation in the Western Balkans

    The Enterprise Development and Innovation Facility (EDIF) supports the development of SMES, particularly innovative and high-growth SMEs, in the Western Balkan economies.

  • 25-March-2013


    Western Balkans Regional Competitiveness Initiative Steering Committee

    The Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the work of the Western Balkans Regional Competitiveness Initiative.

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