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  • 12-December-2005


    Symposium on Making the Most of International Investment Agreements: A Common Agenda

    This Symposium, organised jointly by ICSID, OECD and UNCTAD, enabled non-governmental actors to share their perspectives on emerging investment arbitration issues identified by governments and their international organisations; to explore and advance the agenda which developed and developing country parties to investment agreements have in common; and to consider ways for the three organisations and other interested institutions to

  • 8-December-2005


    OECD-China Symposium on China’s Policies Towards Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

    Taking place in Beijing, China, on 8-9 December 2005, this Symposium focused on specific aspects of policies towards cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

  • 5-December-2005


    Specialised Training for Prosecutors on Anti-Corruption

    This two-day anti-corruption training seminar for prosecutors focused on capacity-building for specialised prosecutors handling corruption cases on a regular basis. The seminar, hosted by the Government of Argentina, was organised in cooperation with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as well as the Inter-American Development Bank. It was held immediately prior to the High-Level Anti-Corruption Seminar for Latin American and

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  • 14-November-2005


    APEC-OECD Seminar: Working Together on Investment for Development

    Organised by the OECD in co-operation with APEC, this seminar took place on 14-15 November 2005 in Busan, Korea. Discussions focused on defining investment for development and how to encourage greater investment mobility.

  • 9-November-2005


    Workshop on the Investment and Business Climate in the Russian Federation: A Regional Perspective

    This workshop, which took place in St Petersburg on 9-10 November 2005, addressed the role and responsibilities of the Russian regions in shaping the investment and business environment and considered business integrity and private-public interaction in the fight against corruption.

  • 14-June-2005


    Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility: The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Developing Countries - Building Trust

    In conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the National Contact Points, the 2005 Roundtable on Corporate Responsibility focusing on the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Developing Countries was held on 14 June 2005 in Paris, France.

  • 25-May-2005


    NEPAD/OECD Investment Policy Roundtable on Investment for African Development: Making it Happen

    Organised in the context of the NEPAD/OECD Africa Investment Initiative, this Roundtable in Entebbe, Uganda, on 25-27 May 2005 focused on the regulatory environment for foreign direct investment in African countries and private participation in infrastructure and the utilities sectors.

  • 4-April-2005


    MENA-OECD Investment Steering Group meeting

    The MENA-OECD Steering Group meeting in Paris on 4 April 2005 focused on progress to date and preparations for the Ministerial meeting.

  • 7-March-2005


    NEPAD/OECD Conference on Alliances for Integrity – Government and Business Roles in Enhancing African Standards of Living

    Organised in the context of the NEPAD/OECD Investment Initiative, this conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on 7-8 March 2005 focused on emerging integrity framework for Africa and business perspectives on integrity and transparency in the African context.

  • 24-February-2005


    DAC High Level Meeting, 2-3 March 2005

    The annual DAC meeting of aid ministers and agency heads will look for ways donor and recipient countries can improve the lives of poor people, including those suffering under unstable or corrupt governments, by using aid more effectively. Better co-ordination amongst donors and between donors and recipients will be a big step in the right direction, but indicators and monitoring are also crucial. The meeting will also discuss the

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