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  • 16-April-2010


    Peru - National Contact Point Launch Event

    On 16 April 2010, Peru’s Minister of Economy and Finance Mercedes Araoz officially launched Peru´s National Contact Point which is located in Peru's Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversíon).

  • 26-March-2010

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    12th OECD Roundtable on Freedom of Investment: Summary of discussions

    Organised in Paris on 26 March 2010, discussions at this roundtable focused on a review of recent investment policy developments in participating countries, the identification of investors and responsible investment in agriculture.

  • 11-February-2010


    News conference - Are aid donors keeping their promises?

    OECD has just reviewed the 2010 aid budgets of the world’s major donors - member countries of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

  • 19-January-2010


    Bribery: Impact and Prevention, Chatham House Conference, 19 January 2010

    OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher and the United Kingdom’s Secretary of Justice the Rt Hon Jack Straw MP and UK Permanent Representative to the OECD Dominic Martin talked about the challenges of tackling bribery at a conference in Chatham House

  • 9-December-2009


    Roundtable on Foreign Bribery: Who Pays the Price?

    On 9 December, International Anti-Corruption Day, the OECD celebrated the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Anti-Bribery Convention with a high-level roundtable on 'Foreign Bribery: Who Pays the Price', followed by a two-part discussion on the media in the fight against foreign bribery and major emerging economies in the fight against foreign bribery.

  • 8-December-2009


    Consultation on an update of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

    Organised in Paris on 8 December 2009, this consultation sought the views of stakeholders on the priority areas for an update of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, including needs and options for specific revisions of both the substantive and procedural provisions of this instrument.

  • 7-December-2009


    8th Global Forum on International Investment - International investment for a stronger, cleaner, fairer global economy

    Organised in Paris on 7-8 December 2009, this event focused on 2 core elements of any strategy aimed at ending the crisis and achieving sustainable, long-term economic growth: the need to improve investment environments around the world and the need to avoid the spread of investment protectionism.

  • 23-November-2009


    OECD Global Forum on Investment, Paris, 7-8 December 2009

    The global economy is recovering faster than expected but remains fragile. How quickly will global trade and investment bounce back after the sharp falls of the past year? What role can international investment play in building a stronger, cleaner, fairer global economy?

  • 17-November-2009


    Financial sector reform in transition economies, and policies for SME growth

    Following the launch of the SCU Initiative on 1 April 2009, the first meeting of the Working Group on Financial Markets Development and Impact of Central Banks will be held on 17 November 2009 in Warsaw, Poland.

  • 16-November-2009


    South East Europe: business climate reform beyond the crisis, and the evolution of the OECD Investment Compact

    On 16 November 2009 at the OECD Paris headquarters, the South East Europe Investment Committee brought together SEE and OECD representatives and experts, including the donor community, to address enhancing regional ownership of investment policy processes and opportunities for further co-operation.

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