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NEPAD/OECD Investment Policy Roundtable on Investment for African Development: Making it Happen


25-27 May 2005, Entebbe, Uganda

Organised in the context of the NEPAD/OECD Africa Investment Initiative and hosted by the Government of Uganda, the NEPAD/OECD Investment Policy Roundtable entitled Investment for African Development: Making it Happen took place on 25-27 May 2005 in Entebbe, Uganda.

The Roundtable focused on investment policy, including measures to enhance national investment climates and attract investors, with discussions focusing on two specific issues: 

  • the regulatory environment for foreign direct investment in African countries; and
  • the experiences with, and the prospects for, private participation in infrastructure and the utilities sectors.

The Roundtable aimed to initiate a process leading to increased private sector participation in two selected sectors, namely transport infrastructure and telecommunications. Participants were invited to discuss benchmarks for future self-evaluation and reporting of progress in the areas under consideration.

NEPAD and OECD will be jointly working toward establishing a framework for sharing information and enhancing transparency for purposes of building public-private coalitions and removing unnecessary obstacles to private investment.  

Back-to-back with the Roundtable, on 26 May, a regional consultation with African stakeholders on the Policy Framework for Investment – developed as part of the OECD Initiative on Investment for Development and launched in 2003 in Johannesburg – was organised. Discussions focused on corporate governance practices and their relevance for the investment climate.

Conference documentation

Session 1 – Investment for development: the main challenges

Session 2 – The regulatory environment for international investment in Africa: statutory rules and regulation 

Session 3 – Beyond FDI regulation: Policies bearing on the investment climate

Session 4 – Enhancing the investment climate: a role for both the public and the private sector 

Session 5 – Private participation in infrastructure

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Conference organisers

OECD - Mr. Hans Christiansen (

NEPAD Secretariat - Mr. Sudir Chuckun (

Uganda Investment Authority - Dr. Maggie Kigozi (  / Mr. Issa Mukasa (


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