Investment for development

Global Forum on International Investment: Attracting International Investment for Development


This publication is a collection of conference papers from the OECD Global Forum on International Investment (GFII) held in Shanghai on 5-6 December 2002. Some of the questions that preoccupy the world investment community addressed in the book include:

  • What lessons can be drawn from various experiences across the world with policies for attracting FDI, including strategies based on tax and other incentives?
  • How can multinational enterprises contribute to promoting the developmental benefits of FDI?
  • How can FDI and portfolio investments best complement each other in support of development?
  • Are there effective ways to achieve synergies between FDI and official development aid in leveraging private investment for development projects in less developed countries?

The Global Forum on International Investment is part of the OECD's ongoing strategy of co-operation with non-member economies around the world.

This publication can be browsed online or purchased directly from the OECD Online Bookshop.

For further information, see the conference website .


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