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  • 2-February-2004

    English, , 34kb

    A Framework for Investment Policy Transparency

    Transparency remains one of the top concerns of investors worldwide. This Framework for Investment Policy Transparency aims to assist host OECD and non-OECD governments to properly address this concern. The Framework contains fifteen user-friendly questions for conducting self-evaluation and sharing experiences among public officials.

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  • 6-November-2003

    English, , 6,316kb

    Public Sector Transparency and the International Investor

    This booklet brings together the results of work conducted in 2003 by the OECD on the issue of public sector transparency in international investment policy. This is part of a broader initiative to promote the role of international investment in economic development and to contribute to the implementation of the Monterrey Consensus and to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Parts of this booklet are taken from

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  • 22-September-2003

    English, , 281kb

    Checklist for Foreign Direct Investment Incentive Policies

    This booklet comprises two main sections: "Guiding Principles for Policies toward attracting FDI" and "Assessing FDI Incentive Policies: A Checklist". See also, "Incentives for attracting FDI".

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  • 2-July-2003


    OECD Investment Policy Review of China - 2003

    This study records and evaluates the development so far of an enabling environment for FDI and suggests policy options designed to improve it further. Foreign investors were initially attracted to China by cheap land and labour, the promise of a large market and, to some extent, by fiscal incentives. To sustain and increase large-scale FDI inflows, it is now necessary

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  • 25-June-2003

    English, , 30kb

    OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment: An Overview

    This paper provides an overview of the OECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Investment. It was presented by Marie-France Houde, Senior Economist, OECD, at the UNCTAD Expert meeting on the Effectiveness of Foreign Direct Investment Policy Measures held in Geneva on 25-27 June 2003.

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  • 16-May-2003


    OECD Code of Liberalisation of Capital Movements: 2003 Edition

    This publication presents the full text of the OECD Code of Liberalisation of Capital Movements and sets out the legally binding obligations that OECD members have accepted.

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  • 12-May-2003

    English, , 47kb

    OECD Regional Roundtable on Capital Account Liberalisation: Benefits and Challenges for Transition Countries in South Eastern Europe and Central Asia

    Istanbul, 12-13 May 2003. This roundtable was organised by the OECD Secretariat, in co-operation with the National Banks of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia to discuss the benefits and challenges of capital account opening to global financial markets with transition countries in Central Asia, Caucasus and South Eastern Europe and to develop recommendations for good regulatory policies in this field.

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  • 11-April-2003

    English, , 116kb

    Public Sector Transparency and International Investment Policy

    Transparency is a core principle of international investment policy and rules. This paper makes the case that transparency is good for societies at large as well as for international investors.

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  • 14-March-2003

    English, Excel, 194kb

    2003/1 - Incentives-based Competition for Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Brazil

    The general benefits of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), and the potential of FDI as a tool for regional economic development in particular, are commonly recognised by policy makers and analysts. This study concluded that FDI generally supports growth in developing, emerging and transition economies, irrespective of their initial state of development.

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  • 22-October-2002

    English, , 61kb

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