Investment policy


  • OECD Ministers launch new framework to boost sustainable investment

    In 2015, OECD Ministers endorsed the updated Policy Framework for Investment - guidelines to help national governments and regional groups create the right conditions to attract domestic and foreign investment.

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  • G20-OECD Global Forum on International Investment

    Organised back-to-back with the G20 meeting of Trade Ministers, participants discussed the state of international investment policies and explored policy options in support of a more coherent and cohesive trade and investment regime.

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  • Public-private partnerships in Tunisia

    Public-private partnerships (PPPs) can play an important role for inclusive and sustainable growth in Tunisia. Towards this end the Government of Tunisia is working with the OECD to operationalise the country's forthcoming PPP law, promoting transparency, efficiency and effectiveness of public spending, and help the government of Tunisia in meeting its public policy objectives.

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The OECD works to enhance the contribution of international investment to growth and sustainable development worldwide by advancing investment policy reform and international co-operation.

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Istanbul sunset smallG20-OECD Global Forum on International Investment

5 October 2015
Istanbul - Turkey

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

‌Recommendations for multinational enterprises on principles and standards for responsible business conduct.

Due diligence in the mining minerals sector

Management recommendations for global responsible supply chains of minerals to help companies respect human rights and avoid contributing to conflict.

Foreign direct investment statistics

‌Access data, analysis and forecasts based on most recent FDI statistics for OECD and G20 countries.

Policy Framework for Investment

The most comprehensive and systematic approach for improving investment conditions ever developed.

Freedom of investment

This process brings together some 54 governments to develop guidance for open, transparent and non-discriminatory investment policies.

Investment for green growth

Making investment in the environment a driver for economic growth.

International investment law

The OECD works to improve the outcomes of international investment agreements for governments and investors alike.

Investment instruments

Spearheading efforts to develop international rules relating to capital movements, international investment and trade in services.  


Investment for development:
Regional and country initiatives

Strengthening investment policies around the globe.