Investment co-operation with non-OECD countries


OECD investment co-operation with non-OECD countries is organised around:

Regional initiatives


Investment policy reviews

OECD regularly publishes tailor-made country investment policy reviews which present the results of peer examinations by the Investment Committee of investment trends and policies in the countries reviewed. Priority countries for review are those showing potential for adherence to the OECD investment instruments.

OECD Investment Committee

Twelve non-OECD countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Morocco, Peru, Romania and Tunisia) have adhered to the OECD Declaration and Decisions on International Investment and Multinational Enterprises and participate regularly in Investment Committee meetings.


Freedom of investment at the OECD

The Freedom of Investment process brings together over 50 governments to develop guidance for open, transparent and non-discriminatory investment policies.


OECD global forums

All countries are welcome to take part in the global forums: