International investment policies in the evolving global economy


Istanbul, Turkey


5 October 2015


Opens on 24 August


With the global recovery still hesitant and unemployment at record highs, despite ample liquidity in financial markets, the “comeback” of investment cannot be delayed if growth is to prove sustainable, both economically and environmentally. Taking place back-to-back with the G20 meeting of Trade Ministers, the 2015 OECD-G20 Global Forum on International Investment will focus on the state of international investment policies, identify possible deficiencies, and explore options for reform. The forum is organised by the OECD in partnership with the G20 and hosted by the Turkish Ministry of the Economy.

The forum will bring together the global network of policy makers, academics, business leaders, labour representatives, and members of civil society dealing with the policy challenges of international investment. It supports the international investment policy community in its efforts to promote open, transparent and rules-based investment policy frameworks for growth and sustainable development worldwide through informed, evidence-based policy dialogue and peer learning on pressing current and emerging issues.

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