• 27-March-2015


    Aid at a glance charts

    These ready-made tables and charts provide for snapshot of aid (Official Development Assistance) for all DAC Members as well as recipient countries and territories. Summary reports by regions (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania) and the world are also available.

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  • 1-December-2014


    Ukraine: Credit Guarantee Scheme Project

    Setting-up the Conditions to Establish a Credit Guarantee Scheme for Agribusiness SMEs in Ukraine (CGS Project) September 2013 – February 2016

  • 7-November-2014


    OECD Eurasia Week

    The objective of the OECD Eurasia Week is to build on prior work in the region and create an opportunity to further strengthen the relations between the countries of the Eurasia region and the OECD. It is also an opportunity to raise the visibility of the enhanced co-operation on a broad spectrum of thematic issues relevant to further improving the region’s competitiveness.

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  • 18-February-2014

    English, Excel, 68kb

    Ukraine: Aid at a Glance

    Recipient Aid Chart - Ukraine These charts cover the years 2010-2012 and show for this recipient the net Official Development Assistance (ODA) receipts, top ten donors of gross ODA, population and GNI per capita and bilateral ODA by sector.

  • 12-September-2013

    English, PDF, 356kb

    Enhancing Investment in Renewable Energy in Ukraine - Sept 27 Agenda

    Renewable energy sources can play an important role in Ukraine in educing the country's energy dependence while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Established renewable energy sources suffer from outdated technology while the development of innovative renewable sources is hampered by administrative hurdles.

  • 12-September-2013

    English, PDF, 354kb

    Fostering SME Cluster Policy in Ukraine - Sept 26 Agenda

    The seminar focuses on strengthening the SME cluster policy framework in Ukraine and on exploring the possibility of establishing an aircraft manufacturing cluster in Ukraine. Three main topics will be addressed, including (i) the benefits of industry clusters for an economy, (ii) the functioning of industry clusters, and (iii) policy measures fostering industry clusters.

  • 28-February-2013


    Ukraine: Sector Competitiveness Strategy

    Increasing competitiveness in key sectors could help Ukraine attract foreign investment, boost job creation and improve long-term growth prospects. The Project was launched in 2009 to support the government in designing reforms, to strengthen Ukraine's economic development in prioritised sectors.

  • 19-February-2013


    Aid Statistics, Recipient Aid at a glance

    The charts show for each of the following countries and territories, and for the years 2009-2011: net ODA receipts, top ten donors of gross ODA, population and GNI per capita and bilateral ODA by sector.

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  • 14-November-2012

    English, PDF, 3,808kb

    Attracting Investment in Renewable Energy in Ukraine

    This policy handbook outlines practical steps for policy makers to attract investment to the renewable energy sector, the government should develop a comprehensive renewable energy strategy, simplify permitting procedures and provide firms with better access to the electricity market.

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  • 14-November-2012

    English, PDF, 3,793kb

    Enhancing Skills through Public-Private Partnerships in Education in Ukraine: The Case of Agribusiness

    This policy handbook outlines practical steps for policy makers to foster public-private partnerships in education in the agribusiness sector and revamp the internship system in agricultural universities.

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