Bribery in international business

Bulgaria - OECD Anti-Bribery Convention


This page contains all information relating to implementation of the 
OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in Bulgaria





Deposit of instrument of ratification/acceptance: 22 December 1998
Entry into force of the Convention: 20 February 1999
Entry into force of implementing legislation: 29 January 1999


 Monitoring implementation

  • (pdf, 529 KB) May 2013

  •  (pdf, 496 KB) March 2011
  •  (pdf, 260 KB) February 2006
  •  (pdf, 236 KB) June 2003
  •  (pdf, 93 KB) July 1999

 News releases

  • , 31 March 2011 

 National implementing legislation

The offence of bribery of foreign public officials is set forth in the Bulgarian Penal Code. Texts of the provisions related to the term “foreign public official” and to the punishment of foreign bribery are under section 93 para.15 and section 304(3), respectively. The latest versions of these articles (as amended on 13 September 2002, law published in the “State Gazette” №92 of 27 September 2002) are available in  (unofficial translation provided by the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice).

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