Bribery in international business

Belgium - OECD Anti-Bribery Convention


This page contains all information relating to implementation of the 
OECD Anti-Bribery Convention in Belgium





Deposit of instrument of ratification/acceptance: 27 July 1999
Entry into force of the Convention: 25 September 1999
Entry into force of implementing legislation: 3 April 1999


 Monitoring implementation

  • Phase 3 report (pdf, 907 KB) October 2013
  •  (pdf, 407 KB) January 2008
  •  (pdf, 530 KB) October 2005
  •  (pdf, 122 KB) October 1999

 News releases

 National implementing legislation

The text of the law passed on 10 February 1999 is available on the site of the Moniteur belge in Dutch, French and German (to find the text, choose the Moniteur published on 23.03.1999).

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