Working Papers

  • 10-December-2009


    Indicators of Broadband Coverage (OECD Digital Economy Paper 165

    This report aims at providing information on the advantages and pitfalls of existing indicators used to measure broadband coverage, considering coverage related to different types of technologies (e.g. xDSL, cable modem, FTTH/B, 3G, satellite, WiMAX).

  • 9-December-2009


    Network Developments in Support of Innovation and User Needs (OECD Digital Economy Paper 164)

    This report makes a case for investment in a competitive, open-access national fibre-to-the-home network rollout based on potential spillovers in four key sectors of the economy: electricity, health, transportation and education.

  • 17-August-2009


    Measuring the Relationship Between ICT and the Environment (OECD Digital Economy Paper 162)

    This report explores available statistics and data from official statistical sources and from product life cycle studies, suggests a conceptual framework for the statistical field “ICT and the environment” and makes recommendations on how to improve statistical collection.

  • 30-July-2009


    The Impact of the Crisis on ICTs and their Role in the Recovery (OECD Digital Economy Paper 163)

    This paper suggests a conceptual framework for the new statistical field "ICT and the environment" based on an existing OECD framework for information society statistics.

  • 30-June-2009


    Mobile broadband: Pricing and services (OECD Digital Economy Paper 161)

    Mobile broadband growth is significant in markets where data are available. Although data on mobile broadband is not yet easily available, this paper provides an overview of prices, speeds and data caps of mobile broadband services.

  • 11-June-2009


    The role of digital identity management in the Internet economy: A primer for policy makers (OECD Digital Economy Paper 160)

    This paper aims to provide policy makers a broad-brush understanding of the various dimensions of digital identity management (IdM).

  • 10-June-2009


    Information Economy Product Definitions Based on the Central Product Classification (Version 2) (OECD Digital Economy Paper 158)

    This document presents the OECD Definitions of Information Economy Products: the ICT products definition and Content and media products definition.

  • 4-June-2009


    Broadband over power lines (BPL): Developments and policy issues (OECD Digital Economy Paper 157)

    The focus of this paper is to provide an overview of developments in broadband power line technologies and related policy issues.

  • 2-June-2009


    ENUM: Converging telephone numbers and addresses in next generation networks (OECD Digital Economy Paper 156)

    This paper provides an overview of developments in numbering, naming and addressing in the context of Next Generation Networks (NGN) with a focus on ENUM (tElephone NUmber Mapping).

  • 2-June-2009


    Policy Responses to the Economic Crisis: Investing in Innovation for Long-Term Growth (OECD Digital Economy Paper 159)

    This report warns that innovation risks being hit hard by the economic crisis as the capital to finance it grows scarce.

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