Working Papers

  • 14-March-2002

    English, , 128kb

    Cybersquatting : The OECD's experience and the problems it illustrates with registrar (STI Digital Economy Paper 59)

    This report summarises the problem recently met by the OECD with regard to the cybersquatting of the domain name, and identifies the general policy issues arising from this experience.

  • 13-March-2002

    English, , 731kb

    Internet traffic exchange and the development of end-to-end international telecommunication competition (STI Digital Economy Paper 58)

    Competition is increasing in Internet backbone markets, as a result of liberalisation, and the consequent ability of telecommunication carriers to provide infrastructure and services on an end-to-end basis.

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  • 18-January-2002


    Impact of the Adoption of Advanced ICTs on Firm Performance in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector (STI Working Paper 2002/1)

    This paper investigates the evolution of the industrial structure in the Canadian manufacturing sector and its relationship to technological change.

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  • 29-October-2001

    English, , 386kb

    The Development of Broadband Access in the OECD Countries (STI Digital Economy Paper 56)

    The development of broadband access to the Internet is gaining increasing prominence. This is occurring in fields that go well beyond communications policy.

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  • 25-October-2001


    ICT Investment and Economic Growth in the 1990s: Is the United States a Unique Case? A Comparative Study of Nine OECD Countries, STI Working Paper 2001/7

    Investment in information technologies has by no means been confined to the United States and yet, average European or Japanese growth experience has been quite different.

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  • 21-August-2001


    The Renewal of the Old Economy: An International Comparative Perspective (STI Working Paper 2001/5)

    This paper presents international comparisons of the contribution of information and communication technology (ICT) to output and productivity growth during the 1990s.

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  • 18-June-2001


    Productivity Growth in ICT-Producing and ICT-Using Industries: A Source of Growth Differentials in the OECD?, STI Working Paper 2001/4

    This paper examines the roles of the ICT-producing sector and of key ICT-using industries in overall productivity growth in OECD countries.

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  • 2-March-2001


    Cross-border Co-operation in Combatting Cross-border Fraud: The US/Canadian Experience (STI Digital Economy Paper 55)

    The growing use of network technologies and the global nature of electronic commerce increase the likelihood that consumers will interact with businesses outside of their home country.

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  • 1-March-2001


    Inventory of Consumer Protection Laws, Policies and Practices Applied to Electronic Commerce (STI Digital Economy Paper 54)

    A comprehensive inventory of existing consumer protection laws, fair business, fair marketing and disclosure requirements in the context of electronic commerce.

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  • 7-February-2001

    English, , 182kb

    Interconnection and Local Competition (STI Digital Economy Paper 53)

    Since the introduction of competition in the telecommunication sector, there have been significant changes in the structure of the telecommunications market.

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