• 22-January-2019


    Vectors of digital transformation

    The objective of this report is to support the review and design of policies to ensure that they are well‑suited to the digital era. It examines key properties – or “vectors” – of the digital transformation that fundamentally affect the economy and society and accordingly the design and efficacy of public policies.

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  • 14-January-2019


    Online advertising: Trends, benefits and risks for consumers

    Online advertising is now the dominant form of advertising in many OECD countries, and raises some complex challenges for consumers and consumer protection authorities.

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  • 17-December-2018


    Consumer Product Safety

    OECD work on consumer product safety is aimed at strengthening information sharing on safety issues across borders.

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  • 10-December-2018

    English, PDF, 488kb

    Private equity investment in artificial intelligence - policy note

    After five years of steady increases, private equity investment in AI doubled from 2016 to 2017. The surge in private investment suggests that investors are increasingly aware of the potential of AI, and are crafting their investment strategies accordingly.

  • 28-November-2018


    Digital Government Review of Brazil - Towards the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

    Like most OECD countries, Brazil has been taking steps towards digital government to ensure that public policies and services are more inclusive, convenient and designed to meet citizens’ needs. This report takes stock of the progress made by the Brazilian government, based on good practices and principles in OECD countries, and provides recommendations to help Brazil drive its digital transformation of the public sector.
  • 23-November-2018


    Digital Government in Mexico 2018

    This policy brief assesses the evolution, achievements and challenges of the digital government policy in Mexico. The analysis aims to inform the formulation of strategic policy recommendations for the Mexican government on reinforcing the governance of digital government to accelerate the digital transformation of its public sector.

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  • 19-November-2018


    OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2018 - Adapting to Technological and Societal Disruption

    The OECD Science, Technology and Innovation Outlook 2018 is the twelfth edition in a series that biennially reviews key trends in science, technology and innovation (STI) policy in OECD countries and a number of major partner economies. The 14 chapters within this edition look at a range of topics, notably the opportunities and challenges related to enhanced data access, the impacts of artificial intelligence on science and manufacturing, and the influence of digitalisation on research and innovation. The report also discusses the shortcomings of current policy measures, how the Sustainable Development Goals are re-shaping STI policy agendas, and the need for new - more flexible and agile - approaches to technology governance and policy design. While these disruptive changes challenge policy makers in a number of ways, the digital revolution underway also provides solutions for better policy targeting, implementation and monitoring.This report relies on the latest academic work in the field, research and innovation statistical data, as well as data on wider trends and issues. It makes extensive use of country responses to the 2017 EC OECD STI policy survey ( and features contributions by renowned experts and academics to broaden the debate and provide more personal, sometimes controversial, angles to it.
  • 13-November-2018


    Enhancing product recall effectiveness globally

    This report aims to explore the challenges faced by product safety authorities, businesses, and other stakeholders in measuring and maximising the impact of product recalls globally. It also identifies elements that may be considered by governments and businesses to shape more effective communication strategies and increase consumer awareness of recall response rates.

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  • 30-October-2018

    English, PDF, 8,084kb

    Bridging the digital gender divide: Include, upskill, innovate

    This report, prepared by the OECD for the G20 at the request of Australia, provides policy directions for consideration by all governments through identifying, discussing and analysing a range of drivers at the root of the digital gender divide in order to bolster the evidence base and draw attention to critical areas for policy action.

  • 23-October-2018


    Internet of Things (IoT) measurement and applications

    There is a need to develop metrics to assess the effects of the IoT in different policy areas. This paper proposes a taxonomy for IoT measurement. It also explores potential challenges for communication infrastructures due to the exponential growth of IoT devices through the application of connected and automated vehicles.

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