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  • 16-April-2006


    OECD Recommendation on Cross-Border Co-operation in the Enforcement of Laws against Spam

    This recommendation urges enforcement authorities throughout the OECD to share information and work together to tackle what has become a global problem.

  • 7-September-2005


    China needs far-reaching reforms in public and corporate governance, OECD says

    China needs to make wide-ranging changes in the way it runs its public and private sectors if it is to continue on a stable growth path leading to full integration into the world economy, according to a new report from the OECD.

  • 21-September-2004


    OECD Launches Anti-Spam Toolkit and Invites Public Contributions

    The OECD has launched an Anti-Spam “Toolkit” as the first step in a broader initiative to help policy makers, regulators and industry restore trust in the Internet and e-mail.

  • 14-August-2004


    OECD Task Force zur Koordinierung der Bekämpfung von Spam

    Die OECD-Länder haben eine Arbeitsgruppe eingesetzt, um die Anstrengungen der Regierungen, der Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft im Kampf gegen unerwünschte E-mail-Zusendungen (Spam) zu ordnen und eine umfassende und strategische Antwort auf die durch Spam hervorgerufenen Probleme zu finden.

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  • 13-August-2004


    OECD Task Force to Coordinate Fight against Spam

    OECD countries have set up a task force to marshal the efforts of government, business and civil society in the most comprehensive, strategic and inclusive response to date to the problems posed by unsolicited e-mail messages, or spam.

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  • 3-February-2004


    OECD Calls on Governments to step up their Fight Against Spam

    Governments must step up the fight against spam by improving cross-border cooperation on network security and law enforcement as part of a multipronged drive to protect the integrity of the Internet, the OECD said.

  • 30-January-2004


    OECD beginnt Kampf gegen unerwünschte elektronische Werbung (Spam) mit einer Arbeitstagung in Brüssel, 2.-3. Februar 2004

    Vertreter von OECD Regierungen, der Wirtschaft und Verbraucherschutzorganisationen treffen sich vom 2.-3. Februar 2004 auf einem OECD Workshop in Brüssel...

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  • 29-January-2004


    OECD Launches Fight against Spam with Brussels Workshop 2-3 February 2004

    Representatives of OECD governments, business and consumer groups will meet at an OECD workshop hosted by the European Commission in Brussels on 2-3 February to look at the problems for Internet-based communications posed by spam.

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  • 15-October-2002

    German, , 10kb

    OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook

    Nations and private companies, spurred by the need to accelerate innovation, are shaking up their approach to research and development. That's one of the conclusions in the OECD's 2002 Science, Technology and Industry Outlook.

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