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  • 18-July-2012


    Switzerland tops fixed broadband ranking, while Korea leads in wireless broadband

    Switzerland tops for the first time the OECD fixed broadband ranking, with 39.9 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, followed closely by the Netherlands (39.1) and Denmark (37.9). The OECD average is 25.6, according to new OECD statistics.

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  • 21-February-2012


    More competition is key to cutting excessive international mobile roaming charges, says OECD

    To help governments boost competition and drive down excessive prices in international mobile roaming markets, the OECD has released a series of recommendations to protect consumers.

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  • 1-December-2011


    Internet economy: wireless subscribers drive broadband growth, says OECD

    Demand from new wireless subscribers is driving growth in high-speed Internet in OECD countries but the latest data show a slowdown in fixed broadband subscriptions in the first half of 2011.

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  • 29-June-2011


    Internet economy: New framework for an open Internet agreed at OECD

    OECD governments and other stakeholders have created a new framework to promote a more transparent, open Internet at a two-day meeting in Paris.

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  • 8-June-2011


    More effective competition and better regulation needed to cut high mobile data roaming costs, says OECD

    Regulators and policy makers should boost competition among mobile telephone operators to cut the high prices being charged for international data roaming, according to a new OECD report.

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  • 17-January-2011

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    Internet security: new analysis of risks and impact of cyberattacks

    This report, “Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risks”, considers what types of cyberattacks, or combination of attacks and other large scale disruptions, hold potential for causing a global shock.

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  • 12-October-2010


    E-Leaders are at the core of public sector reforms for cash-strapped governments, says OECD

    The OECD convened the 2010 E-Leaders Meeting on 11-12 October in Brussels, Belgium as part of continuing efforts to help member countries plan and implement their e-government strategies.

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  • 24-June-2010

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    Summary of action points on product safety

    This is a summary of ten action points that will be undertaken by the OECD Working Party on Consumer Product Safety.

  • 13-April-2010

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  • 24-November-2009

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    Toolit letter to policy makers

    This is a letter of the Chairman of the OECD Committee on Consumer Policy on the publication 'Consumer Policy Toolkit '.

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