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  • 20-June-1996


    Access and Pricing for Information Infrastructure Services: Communication Tariffication, Regulation and the Internet

    The OECD, together with the European Commission (DGXIII), and COMTEC (Dublin City University), held a workshop on the pricing and regulation of Internet in Dublin on the 20th and 21 June 1996.

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  • 6-June-1996

    English, Excel, 376kb

    Report of the Helskini (Porvoo) Workshop (No. 4): The Economics of the Information Society

    As the global information society (GIS) continues to evolve in a complex world, the accompanying economic transformation process remains less than straightforward.

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  • 4-March-1996

    English, , 328kb

    Report of the Tokyo Workshop

    Rapidly evolving knowledge-based economies and the increasingly widespread application of information and communications technology (ICT) are blurring traditional boundaries and standing old and familiar paradigms on their head.

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  • 14-December-1995

    English, , 267kb

    Report of the Istanbul Workshop

    The OECD Workshops on the Economics of the Information Society are aimed at developing economic data, research and analysis under the aegis and direction of the ICCP Committee as the precursor for policy discussions within the Committee.

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  • 3-April-1995

    English, , 256kb

    Special Session on Information Infrastructures of the ICCP Committee

    The Special Session on Information Infrastructures held on 3-4 April 1995 identified the main issues confronting governments and business.

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