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  • 12-October-1999

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    APEC Electronic Commerce Activities

    APEC Electronic Commerce Activities, 1999 update

  • 21-April-1999


    Workshop on Defining and Measuring Electronic Commerce

    OECD Workshop on Defining and Measuring Electronic Commerce - 21 April 1999 What do we mean by e-commerce? What we want to measure and why? What can be measured? What are the policy needs and what type of indicators are needed? Which of the exi...

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  • 22-February-1999


    Report on the Dublin workshop: The Internet: Convergence and Self-Governance

    The OECD and OSIPP (Osaka University), organised a Workshop on "The Internet: Convergence and Self-Governance", on 9-10 June 1998

  • 6-July-1998

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    Dismantling the Barriers to Global Electronic Commerce, Turku (Finland), 19-21 November 1997 - Conference Report (STI Digital Economy Paper 38)

    The Conference addressed broad areas through a format that permitted business representatives to identify problems, governments to discuss how they hope to deal with the problem and international organisations to suggest how they can help to implement the solution internationally.

  • 9-June-1998


    The Internet: Convergence and Self-Governance

    The Internet: Convergence and Self-Governance OECD/OSIPP (Osaka University) Workshop. Speaker Biographies. Tuesday, 9 June and Wednesday, 10 June 1998.

  • 10-December-1997


    OECD Emerging Market Economy Forum: Workshop on Cryptography Policy

    Held at La Maison de la Chimie, Paris, 9-10 December 1997. The objective of the Workshop was to use the OECD Guidelines, together with the OECD's Report on Background and Issues of Cryptography Policy, as the basis for deepening understanding of cryptography policy issues in the increasingly globalised information and communications network and the development of electronic commerce.

  • 16-October-1997


    Dismantling the barriers to global electronic commerce

    Dismantling the Barriers to Global Electronic Commerce Introduction The growth and potential of electronic commerce have recently captured the attention of businesses, consumers, journalists and government officials, and the top...

  • 19-March-1997

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    OECD Workshops on the Economics of the Information Society: Workshop #6 - London, 19-20 March 1997

    The OECD Workshops on the Economics of the Information Society are aimed at developing economic data, research and analysis in the area of 'Global Information Infrastructure -- Global Information Society.'

  • 22-October-1996

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    Report of the Seoul Workshop: Government Responses to the Emerging Information Society, October 1996

    The Seoul workshop was devoted to a discussion of the role of government in facing the changes led by information and communications technology (ICT) development and diffusion.

  • 20-June-1996


    Access and Pricing for Information Infrastructure Services: Communication Tariffication, Regulation and the Internet

    The OECD, together with the European Commission (DGXIII), and COMTEC (Dublin City University), held a workshop on the pricing and regulation of Internet in Dublin on the 20th and 21 June 1996.

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